New Strings vs. Seven-Year-Old Strings. What’s the Difference?

How big a difference is there in the tone of a new set of strings and one that’s been on a guitar for the past seven years?

That’s what guitarist Jens Larsen wondered recently when he pulled out his Gibson ES-175, whose strings hadn’t been changed in seven years. Larsen, whose videos we’ve featured here, had been asked to play a recording session where he needed the guitar. He decided that he would record the sound of the guitar before and after a string change to compare the tone.

“I took the opportunity to make this video of how the difference is in sound through my setup,” he explains. “You’ll probably find it a bit surprising.”

Watch the video below and find out. You can hear the old set about 42 seconds in; Larsen plays with the new set at the 1:09 minute mark. Check it out and see what you think.


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