The Supro Story A quick Supro recap: Valco folded in 1967, but, early this century, esteemed amp designer Bruce Zinky acquired the name and began issuing new amps that both revived and improved old Supro designs. Ownership eventually passed to New York’s Absara Audio, the folks behind Pigtronix pedals. Absara expanded on Zinky’s work, […]

Like many others, I’m a huge fan of Elektron gear and delighted to hear about the Analog Heat as an introduction to their outboard analog processing units. The small, portable footprint of this stereo analog sound processor, combined with its ability to sync up via Overbridge to your DAW of choice, makes for a deliciously flexible sound sculpting smorgasbord. […]

Ohio-based effects pedal manufacturer EarthQuaker Devices has announced the Space Spiral Modulated Delay. The Space Spiral is an analog-voiced digital delay with 30ms – 600ms of delay time and a variable waveshape LFO affecting the repeated signal. EarthQuaker says the Space Spiral is “. . . a dark and dreamy modulated delay designed to take […]

Dave Smith Instruments Announces REV2, 16-Voice Analog Poly Synth Prophet ’08 Successor Boasts Expanded Polyphony, Digital Effects, Waveshaping Capabilities Anaheim, CA—January 19, 2017—Dave Smith today announced the REV2, a new 16-voice analog synthesizer designed to be a successor to their popular Prophet ’08 poly synth. Like its predecessor, the REV2 features two DCOs per voice, […]

Scarlett OctoPre provides eight Scarlett mic pres with up to 192kHz conversion and ADAT connectivity; Scarlett OctoPre Dynamic adds analogue compression and 8-channel D-A conversion. Have you reached the point where you simply don’t have enough inputs? Maybe you want to record the whole band. Perhaps you’re a drummer and you need to record your […]