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Synths (rack & desktop)

ASM Hydrasynth desktop

Original price was: 925€.Current price is: 578€.

Comp & boost

Mooer Yellow Comp

Original price was: 54€.Current price is: 40€.

Synths (keys)

ASM Hydrasynth

Original price was: 1.569€.Current price is: 950€.


Revv D20 versterker

Original price was: 991€.Current price is: 921€.
Original price was: 619€.Current price is: 550€.

Synths (keys)

Arturia Minibrute 2

Original price was: 520€.Current price is: 371€.

Elektrische gitaren

G&L Tribute Fallout sonic blue

Original price was: 624€.Current price is: 521€.

Comp & limit

Warm Audio WA76

Original price was: 578€.Current price is: 507€.


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Elektrische basgitaren

G&L tribute JB Lake Placid Blue

Original price was: 624€.Current price is: 569€.
Original price was: 679€.Current price is: 624€.
Original price was: 652€.Current price is: 445€.

Synths (keys)

ASM Hydrasynth Deluxe

Original price was: 2.025€.Current price is: 1.321€.

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