Keeley Recino Digitale Delay

The Keeley Recino is one of Keeley’s first digital delay designs and boy is it a beauty. Designed to be as cleans as possible with the longest possible delay times the Recino is a versatile digital reverb that almost reaches echo like tonality all in a compact and hard wearing pedal.

1 Second Of Delay

The biggest limitations of analogue delay circuits is just how long the delay times can be. Going over to a digital delay that is no longer an issue which is what allows this pedal have a full second of delay time! The other major limitation comes from the amount of repeats that are available in an analogue circuit. Digital is here again to save the day with near infinite repeats when you turn the controls up to max. So no matter if you want extremely short or long and drawn out delay sounds there is something for you with the Recino.

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